Trojan Horse Body

Here’s the body of the Trojan Horse. I have one question to put in this thread: can you put other Blender files into others?horseybody.blend (411 KB)

You can link files together so that a model in one file can be integrated into a scene from another file.

The manual page for linking can help explain the details.

This video tutorial or this one include examples of linking.

A really good approach is to build individual blend-files which contain your various assets, each one of which is defined as a “group.” You can do the same with textures, materials, node-groups … really, almost anything. It takes (quite…) a bit of organizing and record-keeping to keep a clear sense of what’s what and what’s where, but once you figure out “a system that works for you,” it really works well. Libraries and linking are one thing that Blender’s design does exceptionally well.