This character is my 3d version of Ian Abando’s trojan 2d concept. I started the model with a fast 3d concept in Zbrush, then I imported the 3d model in Blender and prepared the scene. I modeled some parts, I add hair and did the little wooden horse. I used the automatic rig from Blender to pose the character. I did a render with cyles and then some compositing in the same blender. Final touches in Photoshop. Some details are hand painted in Photoshop. Like extra hair and glows, little lens flare effects and other things.

I hope you enjoy the character.


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Really well executed, feels like stars. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Excellent mood! I love it :slight_smile:

Nice work! Could you share skin shader?

Awesome!!! Looks fantastic Dude! I would love to see your making of - stuff ;D

Love it. He looks very satisfied. :slight_smile:

Absolute awesomeness…looove it.

The mouth is modeled? Could you share the wireframe? I am looking to achieve kind of the same style :smiley:

Great work i like it !!!

Wonderful artwork.

Simplicity make it super readable with a very good style.

the little wooden horse is lovely. Just perfect picture.
great job

Great work! Congrats!

That´s awesome, just love it, can you show more?

wow, i like the render, the pose, the materials and light, all amazing…
Excellent Portfolio too !!

I really love this style. I’m also interested in knowing how you made the Trojan’s mouth and eyes. The skin, armor, and hair also look great by the way.