Troll boy!

Hello I’m working on a low poly game character. And I have managed to create a body mesh and a head. (With very bad topology).

I’m not planning to give him face expressions or face animation. Anyway, I modeled the head after a female reference, but I’m not sure how to make the head look more like a troll boys head.

I wonder if someone might be able to help me with this? Here is a screenshot and below is the blend file.
I think I have to post this as a challenge to get any response. I promise, if it would be easy for me I would have done it myself. But I’m afraid my face topology doesn’t give much room for easy tweaking. Anyway if you could help me out I would appreciate it! :smiley:



Trollboypre.blend (383 KB)

Ok did some small tweaks on the face. I think I can do it alone :yes: But now I got another problem…this face is the definition of a baby face. How to make him look more like a troll boy?

What do you mean by troll? There are many types of trolls. Maybe make his nose bigger and get him some pointed ears. And all black eyes. Maybe also some small theet pointed upwards, like a boar
Here’s a ugly troll boy=P
ugly troll boy.blend (189 KB)
Not a masterpiece but you get the idea

broaden the jaw slightly, and pull the mouth and chin a little more down away from the nose, and maybe the nose tip upwards ever so slightly. a bit of fullness in the brow area couldn’t hurt. that should make him look more clearly masculine. another idea, is, you could use retopo to create a low poly mesh over the mesh in your avatar. retopo is a bit tricky when you first use it, but it’s surely worth learning.