Troll - Dyntopo sculpt

It started being a study test but I decided I should render it out with some shaders so it turned into more of a project file.
Here is the concept.
It took me less about one day to finish it and I kinda enjoyed it. :slight_smile: (no fake SSS)
Anyway, here is it C&C are welcome.

Nice, although I would like too see his nose and eyes (at least some wrinkles).

How did you texture this fellow? Did you have to retopology your model?

Always love the creaturebox stuff. I’m waiting on their book. Great 3d rendition of the 2d image!

​I like this picture! Really good idea!
I think he should even go to the dentist:D

Thanks guys! I`m glad you liked it.

@mookie3d: I didnt even though about eyes and nose lol. I dont think is too late to re-sculpt cuz this wont affect the material at all but Im more worried about the post pross and the idea of re-rendering this again. :stuck_out_tongue:
Is just dyntopo. (tri mesh) I think everything is around 200-500k poly. The textures are mapped with box mapping feature. and the rest are some other tricks I learned along the way.
I`ll post a clay render and the node setup tomorrow.

Very nice work!
Just waiting for cycles to be able to bake all these on a UV map, on a retopo mesh.
Then, we’ll be happy LOL
Well done, once more, beautiful shaders.

Looks really great!

Only critique I have is it looks like a layer got cut or something at the bottom in post. There is sort of a horizontal seam in the glow down there. Actual sculpt and stuff is top notch work though.

Ah I love this!

Are the pores sculpted or textured?

I’ve also featured this in the top row :slight_smile:

This is awesome, plus 1 for not using sss.

Very nice, the way u modeled the teeth really adds personality.

I can`t believe this got featured lol. My first artwork on the top row.
Thanks a lot for that and for your kind words.

@xrg: I agree, that was a mistake I did when I tried to scaled the image.

@Jonathan: Thanks! The pores are just a bump map from a wall texture where are cranked the contrast with a rbg curve (see the node setup)

Here is the image with the nodes for the skin shader. I think this is the most complex one but the others are simple. I noticed that its a bit messy, Im sure there could be some cleanups but anyway.

And here is the gum shader. As for the rest of the shaders I just copied the gum nodes and changed minor things like textures and spec values but the structure is almost the same.

Interesting concept.

So complicated.
Not really though.
You basically painted with textures. Much better than layers, right?
I wish one day, to have a nodes system when painting on UV textures.
Well done.
Congratulations on the top row.

Great interpretation Alin! Congrats on the top row :ba:

The material nodes… fascinating but hard to understand how you did the mapping, my knowledge on that area is quite weak…

The materials are delightful though. I would have liked to see a little SSS and drool on the teeth, but otherwise, very nice to look at.

wow looks like a painting! I just love the textures

Hey buddy you are simply superb… I really liked your node setup… Thanks for updating it…

Does it grin widely when it tries to peeve you off? :smiley:

So this is what endi looks like? :smiley:

Good job on it though, it’s presented in a strong yet simple way and the concept itself (the small brains, the eyes hidden by the helmet, the teeth ) really make this creature stand out.
Will you be doing a body as well? Because I’m interested in seeing how you’d tackle that. As in will it be fat or slender, and what kind of clothes/weapons would it wear.

Many thanks to all of you. :slight_smile:

Will you be doing a body as well? Because I’m interested in seeing how you’d tackle that. As in will it be fat or slender, and what kind of clothes/weapons would it wear.

Im not going to, Ill leave it as a bust sculpt though I did some sketches myself. I imagined him with big hands and feet and with a fat belly wearing some sort of old army cloths which fit with the helmet.