Troll kid - Game model

Here is my work in progress game model. No textures yet, just vertex colors. Any ideas how to make the hair?

for maya, but the basic techniques should transfer to blender

Woah that hair looks awesome, thanks for the link I’m gonna look that up.
EDIT: Seems like you place out planes that has got uv mapped hair on it. Time to texture the character body then. But first I would like to have some comments by a pro if possible on the mesh.



Trollboypre.blend (510 KB)

Ok mapped out the clothes. Any objections? let me hear them :stuck_out_tongue: Or even better any suggestions?

That looks really cool - full of character. Can’t wait for the animated version!

Ok did some work on the face, NOT DONE!:eyebrowlift2:

Ok did some more work on the troll boy today. I’m really bad at making cloth textures. So if someone got some tips and tricks I would appreciate it :slight_smile: For example I’m not satisfied with the t-shirt, any ideas on how to improve it?