troll project

years ago there were little troll toys and i have one little.and decided to model it.i want to obtain a high poly model and low poly model of it,i hope i can do it.i will post here the progress and my obstacles about it here.
i hope we have fun.

You should aply the subsurface just to help us to see it bether!

Anyway, going all rigth so far!

and ref.picture for friends who want to practice on their own:

began to head.a real challange for me… :-?

Heads is a pretty much challenge for me too. You doesn’t show anything from the side so I assume that you haven’t started on it yet.

A little tips for you: Start with a plane, do it so it is how you want it to be in front view, then go to side view and edit it there so it be good depth too. It’s hard to make the depth later.

I know I am a bad teacher but if you don’t understand here’s a link that explane it better It’s a tut on making an evil looking scelleton in Max, pretty hard stuff but you get the tecnique.

thank you very much i will read it ,like other tutes on modelling.

i want to ask something
*on my head model i have some triangles… :-? does that matter a lot?
*is background image as reference good enough? or are you using another method that i have read somewhere: using planes and texturing those reference pictures on those planes…

and here is my side view: not finished as you guessed :slight_smile:

thank you.

Triangles is not a problem if you do not use subsurf.
I think it’s a good blueprint you have. Reference ain’t from side and front view.

ok now give it a revolver, or knife.