Troll the 2nd

Here is my second troll, that along with another will be a companion troll to the first one. ( this is the first one in case anyone missed it )

Deosnt’ look much like a troll, but more like a weird bird.

I like it though. You may want to define the arms some more though. Looks very plain and unshaply at the moment.


Yeah, troll?

Monkey + bird + pot on head = Troll the 2nd

BgDM, the arms are supposed to be like that,…like a plucked chicken sort of. I am going to put some scraggly feathers on them too. Also, they are not really classical trolls,…they are meant to represent internet trolls, so I took some liberties with the appearance.

AWESOME! The bell on the tail is classic!

Love it, Modron!


I like it. You are developing quite a character library. Is there an animation in the works? :smiley:

thanks guys,…and yes, i have already rigged and weight painted the first one, and I’m going to make another also. i figure it will be a bit of a three stooges type deal.