Hi everyone, I’m trying to replicate a concept art I found on internet and any feedback would be appreciated. I’m pretty new to sculpting and my short-term goal is to gain knowledge of anatomy (human-like or animal-creature like)
Thank you very much!!


Adding stuff:


Where’s the troll’s keyboard? All jokes aside, that’s pretty cool!

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Hello. That’s good job you done! But for feedback:
First is proportions. On concept troll’s lower body is much smaller, so he in more standing-like pose. Also, maybe because of different perspective, head looks smaller. And elbows pointing to the sides. Secondly, on concept, troll have four fingers on hands.
But anyway, you really inspire me to do more practice in sculpting and anatomy.

Thanks for the feedback mate!
You’re right about the proportions, I just didn’t get them right. I’ll try pose the character later on to fix some inaccuracies. I’ll try to be more cautious with the goblin XD.
As for the fingers… I just went mad on sculpting and didn’t realize until it was too late :man_facepalming:

I just started painting the character:

There’s still a lot of work to do, I hope it gets better.

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I think I finished texturing the troll, now the goblin :slight_smile: