Hello Blenderartits!

I’ll post my first post here now, I guess. I’ve been doing 3D graphics får some years now, thought almost none the last 3 years, except some silly tests. School have taken my time and enery.
Anyway, here comes an 3D image I did i Blender this spring. It’s a troll with some babies he had killed. Not a very handsome fellow. Did it in like 3 days or something. First it’s a Render and then I did some finalizing in Gimp. Let me know what you think!

Black and white

In Color

very nice!!!

on your mesh, you might want to use a specularity map because the lips shouldn’t be the same spec as the rest of the face. But otherwise I think it is a great render, Your lighting is great, and the expression on the monster is just awesome :smiley:

Thanks guys!! I’ll have the thing about the lips in mind to my next project, whatever it will be. By the way, what’s your opinion about the babies? Are they disturbing? Too cruel?


yes it is cruel and disturbig but i like it that way :evilgrin: