Trolleys of San Francisco

This is my new project inspired from “Cable Car Heaven” painting by Evgeny Lushpin.


I have started the modelling part yesterday


Really beautiful work! :smiley:


I fixed the camera tilt that caused the walls to fall… also tweaked the road a bit and added pavements on the side. It is quite difficult to render such a long distance, the clipping of the far plane is quite annoying. If people have some tips for such scenes Id be interested, I tend to scale down everything so it fits into the blender grid.

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Change it like this:

Just set the End value to larger than your longest element. Scaling things down is not the solution as you quickly lose all sense of scale and dimension.

Cheers, Clock.


Set your view clipping and grid dimensions in the RH menu (key n to see it):

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Thanks for the tips will try

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The carts you have models are looking superb! I have two question for you. What is the process one should follow when texturing different parts of the same model with different materials? (e.g. wood and metal on the same model). Also, what modifiers did you use on your model to speed up your workflow and get the shapes/deformations? (I hope that makes sense)

Hi, the way I model complex shapes like these are in 2 steps:

  1. I worry only about the shape and combine shapes together or substract them with booleans.
    Take profit of symmetry with mirror modifier and repeating pattern with array modifier. Don’t worry about topology so far
  2. join all the meshes, apply your modifiers (except the mirror one) and retopologize.

For texturing there are plenty of ways, either assign at the beginning a different material to different faces that you UV project from view and then bake the final result into one single texture. You can tweak the result in photoshop to have different layers, one for the diffuse, one for the specularity, one for the roughness…

But as you can see I am not there yet!

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Thanks this is really helpful, I still have quite a lot to learn. :wink::+1:

I have done some retopology on the cart, removing triangles+Ngons+non-manifold!


Wow, this painting is georgeous… :heart_eyes:
I am really excited how the CG part turns out :slightly_smiling_face:

progressed a bit on topology… I think Im almost done.
Next is UV unwrapping

OK this time is really last iteration. run linting on all topo…

assigned materials then separated by material, select non-manifold and mark seam. Then join the mesh together again.


Painting color tone is amazing … I’m curious to see how close you’ll get !

Thanks MadeWithFeet

started UV unwrap. UV smart unwrap look very nice but break on every edges…
So instead I went for defining all my seams and then simple unwrap+pack islands.
Is the default unwrap keeping the proportions of the islands relative to each others? Need to investigate.

UV unwrap finished

Have started the texturing phase. Texture painting mode with stencil brushes, active face selection.
Texture for the cart is 2048x2048, it seems a bit small, some faces lack details.
Will adjust on photoshop later.

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