Tron building effect

Now I know there are lots of tutorials out there for the trail behind the light cycles that is not what I’m posting this for I would like to know how to make the build effect of the first using the light cycles where they pull the handles apart and the cycle builds itself underneath them I know there is the build modifier but that doesn’t give the same effect and id like to use this effect on my own random characters and vehicles

This is my first post and couldn’t find anything that asked what I wanted already answered so if anyone could help me I would appreciate it because that was my favorite part of the movie

I do not really understand what effect you are aiming for.
Can you post a video link or image to something that you want to achieve?

You can try using the “Build” modifier.

the first few seconds but here the way the bike builds itself

tron bike scene

I just posted a video clip in response and I know about the build modifier but I’m not sure it will achieve the same effect as in the movie

Ya, I don’t know exactly. It will take some experimenting on your part, but maybe a combination of Build and Wireframe modifiers. Perhaps some compositing as well.

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So, I just whipped this up real quick.

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that’s pretty good i don’t have a chance too play around with blender till Monday but ill try that and see if i can use that for what i want thanks tho i think i can modify the wire mesh so it does’t perfectly match the bike so its built more closely to the movie ill get back to u when i try it thanks

Another tip:
The build modifier can build the object in the order that the elements are saved in the mesh.
So if the build animation is not looking good, try to rearrange that order:
That way you can e.g. first build the wheels and then the body of the bike.

This uses a bunch of different techniques.
The handles for example are just cubes scaled to zero. Then the scale is is animated unitl they have the correct size.
There are also a couple of particles moving along the handles.

The circles that turn into the front wheels are just, well, circles scaled to 0 and then animated to become larger over time.

The thing that becomes the frame is - i guess - a bunch of curves whose start and end visibility is animated.

The middle thing which I think is supposed to be the motor could be blend of similar curve visibility as the frame and animated visibility and animated scale of a mesh wireframe.

The tyres could be something like the build modifier or perhaps it is just the visibility animted of a mesh wireframe. The wireframe has weird topo, so it might have been treated with something like the decimate modifer.

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Yeah, it seems that the brunt of the work could be achieved with object scales and curves - object scales to outline various internals and curves to reveal the general outline of the bike itself, before the solid bike is brought to view.

The “odd topology” wireframe looks like it’s been done in post-processing and overlaid on the render. If one wants to replicate that, it may warrant working in external compositor like AE or something.

Perhaps, but i think you could achieve something like that by randomly deleting polygon patches.