tron car cameratracking wip 001

wip animation project, combining multiple vfx techniques. rendered for only 50 passes. modeling, lighting not yet finished.

here is the youtube video, comments, critics and encouragements are very welcome:

nearly everything done in blender this software again has made a quantum leap…

footage: myhouse, shot with nx70 in 1080 50p
lighting + reflections: selfmade hdr lightprobe at footage location
cameratracking, modeling, rendering (cycles), compositing: blender 2.63 r45497
post processing: premiere

Happy rendering, Thy


if you want to work on a similar project by yourself, be sure to use as minimum build 2.63 r45497! there are two essential features in this build that have been recently added:

shadow pass for the cycles renderer
improved configuration for environmental textures in the node editor