Tron: Legacy


You can’t be a computer graphics person and not know the movie that started it all… TRON.

But the San-Diego Comic-Con has news…

Tron: Legacy is coming…

If you haven’t seen it yet or the art releases… have a gander:

this is going to be SWEET!


wait… Movie? You can’t be kidding. :smiley:


yeah, I’ve been following a thread on the same subject at cgtalk. :slight_smile:

loved the original film, quite darned retro now, but still totally awesome! :smiley:

Time for an upgrade to the Gltron light cycle game,done by blenderartists!

holy crap, seriously? a new movie? AWESOME. well… awesome if it isn’t made by Disney. oh please don’t be made my Disney…

but that is a sweet lightcycle. but i actually prefer the original one.

AIIEEE!! I remember watching the first one when I was eight and only liking it for the action. I watched it again years later and finally understood it. I hope the sequel is just as cool! Yay to death frisbees!

Bounce over to and get all the dirt on the movie…

Also do a search on Youtube for TR2N trailer from San Diego Comic Con.


I noticed at the end of the trailer when it spells out Tron the R comes up last. If you pause it at the right time it says “Ton” A siginal that this is actually the interface for 2.5? Your going to have to light cycle around your mesh to do a loop cut.

They just posted a HD super clear version of the trailer… go give that a look… AWESOME!!!


And Daft Punk is doing the main theme?


Now I want a Blade Runner sequel too.

A BR sequel would be cool. BTW, the book was even more amazing than the movie.

I just hope the tron sequel lives up to the original one