Tron Light Cycle

Let me know what you think.

nice! i like the bike’s revealing effect.
You need to check the timing of animation, and some better camera movements.
Good start, anyways! :wink:


dont the tron cycles have a lighted path that appears behind them as they move?

Really great animation. IMO timing and camera is fine, leading to suspense, before the appearance of the light cycle.

Not necessarily. They seem to always have it when they are on the lightcycle grid. But in the movie, when they leave the grid, the walls collapse.

That was kickass, they need to make a Tron2 so bad.

Loved the clapper controls on the dude’s glow effects. :slight_smile:

visually it’s ok, but I disagree with the timing being o.k. If it’s supposed to be natural movement in any way, it needs a lot of work still…just try to compare the actions he does with how you would do it yourself(shoot a vid with webcam or something), and you’ll see that single frames between the keys can make a big difference…

Thanks pildanovak for the great feedback. I’m still new to animation. So straight forward comments are one of the best things for me right now.

Yeah I didn’t know if people would like the clapping thing. I’m glad you got it.