Tron (Lightcycle added)

Been working on it for a few days now, haven’t got much time :frowning: . The mesh is almost done, the “tracks” still need some work but i thought i’d show it anyway.

either the turret isn’t supposed to turn or you need shadows

I need shadows :-?

and a little set smooth somewhere but i don’t tell where


Hmm… just about everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked a bit on it today:

I like it (the latest) very recognizable
Looong time since I saw the movie,
I liked the movie also.
Seems there is a game of it too(only played one level orso, but it was quite like the movie)

Happy blending

Nicely done. Looks great.


Made a recognizer today:

And a picture of both the tank and recognizer:

Now to try and model a Lightcycle.

Are these game models or just for an animation or still? I think you could do with cranking up the OSA level to get rid of those Jaggies if they are for anim or still work.

Good modeling, can’t wait to see a light bike.


Thanx for the comments. Lightcycle is now modelled as well.