Tron-R {reboot || reloaded} An open source openworld of tron

I guys, I started a game with the blender game engine, called Tron-R, I im not sure: R is for reloaded or for reboot.

The project is at GitHub : : LGPL

the goal :

  • tron legacy
  • open world (API done)
  • tron universe
  • multiplayer (API done)
  • vehicles, items (API done)
  • fight
  • social bots

I need partners to create the grid, somehow are making meshes, textures, sounds, …
It needs buildings, items, characters, code.

mail: [email protected]
skype: jimy.byerley
facebook: TRON - R

Some screenshots :


To try it, you just have to download and extract it from github (~200Mo)
To download Blender before is not needed, else you must have blender 2.72
Then run build.bat on windows or build.bat on linux
Launch it by executing tron-r on linux or Tron-R.exe on windows

Let’s see in the downloaded archive.

actual developement problems:
*** occlusion culling disable for physics or for certain objects (thread)
*** sound making
*** guys to make meshes, buildings, …

minor problems:

  • ram consumption
  • LibFree() crashes
  • LibLoad(async=True) freezes at runtime when using to many collision sensors

tags: game tron legacy cycle light open world FPS system build reload reloaded the grid skin character online

This could really be a good game ! and a nice tribute to the Tron Universe !
Personally, I think that using a graphic style slightly closer to the 1982 film would be awesome !
I hadn’t realized that there were already enough assets to make the game…
This game could actually be called “TRackON”

you must know the game Tron-2.0 (from 2003 i think) which looks Tron 1

No ! I didn’t even know that the game existed !

Nice screenshots ! , probably at a later date, I will see if I can do something… ; But honestly I still have to finish two “small” game projects as well as helping out on some other projects…

Anyway, nice graphics…

Wow this game looks really good already, and you seem to know what you are doing, nice workflow. I might be able to help, I could help with animations. Hope you will still continue this.

I need guys like you to continue, If you want, you can animate the character NEVA -GTSC
at “lib/characters/generic/neva-gtsc.blend” from the project’s root
You also should declare the animation sequences in a file like “lib/character/specials/”

I created a new branch. easy to play and install !
Try it !

The game strcture has changed : files are sorted on type, and loaded dynamicaly with python API, it uses less RAM.
It is possible to launch the game by running on linux

Windows executable is comming …
The scene to open to play is scenes/main.blend

I created a new branch. easy to play and install !
Try it !

The game strcture has changed : files are sorted on type, and loaded dynamicaly with python API, it uses less RAM.
It is possible to launch the game by running on linux

Windows executable is comming …
The scene to open to play is scenes/main.blend

Looks really good, congratulations.

I will try out the new branch now…

Didn’t manage to get the game running, using at the moment Windows 64-bit…
For sure a simple .exe file would be nice.

I’ll give it a go on Ubuntu or LinuxMint… :eyebrowlift:

A .exe file is coming, I’m working on a batch compilation (.bat)
On windows, the game should be started from a 3D game menu only, so I have to make the menu too (because it is harder than on linux to make scripts :-().

Thank you for comments !
(and don’t forget to say me, if you know someone who wants to work on this game :D)

I finally did this windows launcher ! Now it is possible to launch the game by Tron-R.bat file !

I also created a game menu, like sci-fi interface:

this is the main game menu, on which the game starts, network and settings are not implemented yet.

For the settings menu I have this presentation:

Options will be placed in the hologram which should be above the disk. Like in the film.

It is now possible to install all the game from scratch with the ‘installed’ branch of the project (github). the installed branch is now the main branch.
to install, there is a simple file build.bat, which download blender from official repositories and extract it in the game’s path.

Nice work!

Pascal the moderator of the blender artist facebook site,
just posted a really nice node graph for cycles for holograms
maybe you could render out a video texture using it?

Very good idea, I didn’t know. I’ll try it out in few weeks.
It could be usefull to render head of characters on disk!

The old master of the grid is coming …
I finished a model of Tron (alias Rinzler). To be added in skins

The main launcher (game menu …) is now working on windows and linux, and load the game.
One big problem: LibLoad makes crashs all the time !

to get around libload crash - > Asynch load 1 thing, wait 2 frames do another so on, (from what I hear)

another one is to disable texture cache. (so I hear)

another one - > (you can’t cycle libLoad LibFree on the same file?) (so I hear)

Btw - I love the Rinzler Model.

It’s strange, but this is the kind of style I suggested for my own game to Aikra_san long ago.
(somewhere between motorcycle armor and a space suit + futuristic)

How much would you charge to make me something like it for wrectified - with a slightly different theme? (how many poly is it? baked normals?)

Do you have a vehicle access system already?

I could probably add some pretty cool vehicles to the mix… or?

(I code)

I taken the skins of CLU, Monitor, Tron on and I modified textures and meshes, To improve models. I’m working on characters made with Makehuman, just look at the character Neva -GTSC of my project.
Makehuman allow you to create characters with poor or high-resolution meshes. It is meant to work with blender.

I tested to disable texture cache but the game is crashing more quickly, it is a known issue. I knew blender was crashing on using libFree.
Unfortunatly, the crash arrive 3-10s after the loading of an item : I already put a timer after loading a lib …

I think I will be able to make you something like it in 2 month, when I’ll have holidays.
Yes ! I want you to add vehicles ! This game is meant to be modded.


(This post can be intersting for other games too i think)

*** create a file with the vehicle (it should be an object).
…The parent root should have the name of the vehicle, be physic, have same motion actuators
… than the light cycle (models/light-baton.blend). Necessary object properties are “vehiclename” (string) .

*** create a class inherited from the class Vehicle (scripts/ User controls call method
… Vehicle.updateCont(command). command is a tuple of bools (forward, back, left, right, boost, fire, altfire)

You can see an exemple in light cycles
Unfortunatly dynamic loading is not yet. (I have to eradicate crashs due to dynamic loading of items, scenes and characters).

This thread is not dead ! At contrary, I’m currently debugging all exiting functions (backup and save, item loading, …)
At this date It should works very well.

I steel being asking me about optimisation : Have you any idea to optimize the graphics ?
Some idea I’ve got but I’m not sure that it is a very good trick

  • split buildings in several parts (object occlusion can hide a part of a building and speed up the rendering ?)
  • make LOD(s) for buildings (maybe it can cause more ram consumption ?)
  • have different textures for each LOD (enormous ram consomption ?)
  • use fake reflects (in the future)
  • less texture channels than actually

I don’t know extactly each effect of these possible solutions, Anyone can help me ?