I’m trying to sculpt Jeff bridge villain.How ever I need more time to mirror his likeness.:evilgrin:
I’m doing this for my photo-folio.Sound comment is welcome. I will update soon.


Hey :evilgrin:

I think you are going into the right direction. I find it kinda funny that you already managed to catch the “artificial” quality of CLU. Yet I think there is till some finetuning necesary… eyes… eyebrows. Tough It’s already looking a lot like Bridges =)

i like the last one. the lazy eye and small brain look , not all there . good villain qualities

Still pulling my hair on this mesh,I’m doing traditional way no Multires modifier ,however I should be done soon:eek: every time i use the manager it direct me to a commercial site.:mad:
Update still trying and quest what?


I like the second rendering best. Yet this is a coming from a belly-feeling and I lack the ability to give you more dedicated feedback why this is the case (from a strictly formal point of view). :frowning:
It -is- a very nice portrait yet. Still you are aiming not “just for another” portrait but you want to portrait someone specific: CLU. So might need more dedicated feedback on portrait issues. :eyebrowlift:

Probably the “focused critique” forum might be a good place to get that kind of feedback.

I’m try so hard to nail it,every time it look different I save that look for future use.thanks for your kind comment and critic.I will update In a week or so.

Yes, you move some vertices and it is a new guy. Last one remembers me of Yoda. That is why faces is the most difficult thing and making beauty much more difficult than doing uglyness and mosters.
Could you post your model in the same angle view than your reference (and post your reference also) so people can point you things.

I tried the other day looking for reference images for you and obviously the older Jeff gets the easier it is to find good reference because cameras improve over time, more digitial photos, etc. Then it hit me the other day in the shops. BOTH Tron films are available now, so if you have access to a Bluray drive you could rent/buy them and take screen captures. Unless you have some awesome searching skills and found heaps of high res young Jeff photos from useable camera angles, (or have thought of this already) this is probably the easiest way to get them.

That and I’m sure the Tron Legacy disk has some sort of featurette on making the Digital Jeff villain anyway, which if all other features are anything to go by will have footage of the mesh, maybe a wireframe. Avatar for example I found a wireframe of the Navi face topology, which was fun to study. Nothing completely out of the ordinary, basically far more loops in the base mesh than most meshes which was nice to know they weren’t doing anything superhuman, just a very well polished version of existing techniques.