Trooper Bust

Hey all -
looking for some feedback on my latest project. Based off some concept art my friend drew - this is a mini-bust of a sci-fi trooper guy. I’m specifically looking for comments on proportion, modelling and lighting, although I’ll listen to pretty much anything you have to offer.



Proportions seems to be correct.
Modelling well done, i think.
Light reflections are nice.

Would like few scratshes and some dirt on it,
i think it would make it look cooler.

The arms are not long enough, they should be long enough for his close fists to reach mid-thigh.


^^^ agreed, and the shoulder joints are waaaay skinny

Head’s to big, Nice materials. The squares on the breastplate looks strange, why are they there?


thanks for the example image zog34. fixed up the proportions. Will work on materials and perfecting lighting next.


You might consider the bredth of his shoulders as well. I suggest looking at some clone troopers circa Ep II. The might give you some insight as to how to put the armor on him correctly. Right now he looks a little squeezed.

But it looks good!