Trouble ahead: memory, optimizeds builds, and HAIR!

OK, so I’m doing the Blending Life thing (sig) and I can see where this is going…I’ve got the hair up and running on the model, but when I attempted to render, I got the “malloc returns nil” error, which, as far as I understand, means I’m outa memory. SO…I downloaded the LAA build of 2.48, plopped it in it’s own handy folder in the Blender Foundation folder so as not to overwrite my current Blender exe, ran it with the Life file, (it runs fine) and it seems to have had the same memory problem.

That’s the history; the future looks bleak, since I’m only going to increase the file size, textures, and mesh complexity from here on out! Help?!

The specs:
-Windoze Vista Ultimate (yeah, I know, they run my life remotely from Seattle:p)
-AMD dual-core proc
-4 Gb RAM, of which my system “sees” about 3.5
-Blender 2.48 SSE2 LAA from graphicall (and standard Blender 2.48 from the main site, which also crashes)
-the Hair: 1250 strands, 7 children, 6 render steps
-it renders when I turn down all of the above to 1000/6/4

The questions:

  • is there a way I can know for sure that the LAA is actually “working”, other than testing the file in both builds? I know I’ve opened the correct version, since my console says “2.48 LAA” which is what I named the folder. Is there something I need to do, beyond just opening the program?
  • is there a way around the increasing complexity memory drain, since this is only going to get to be more of a problem? Render layers, maybe? (I’d love not to have to mess with compositing, but ya do what ya gotta do, eh? If folks tell me that’s the only way to do this, then I’m off to learn how.)

Are you using strand render? That’s the new strand rendering thing they developed for BBB. It’s three times faster I’m telling you, so I’m guessing it uses less memory. I may be wrong though and I’m not in a position to test that right now.

1250 hairs that’s a lot of hair

must be a hairy guy or girl whatever

if you have 3 segment per hair times 1250 times 7 that’s about 25,350 segment of hair

do you really need to flood that much your model ?

may be a little bit less would still work fine
can you show a pic with 1000 hairs and the jungle LOL!


Wow, fast posts. I love this forum.

Redjay: strand render…hmmm, in the materials settings/map input? If so, then yes. Is there another place to look?

I went ahead and rendered the lowered version (1000 parents/ 4 render steps / 6 children) and posted it in the WIP thread (see my sig. View while listening to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n’ Roses, eh?;)) I agree, maybe the larger settings were a bit overkill…but I’m not done with this thing yet, and I need to add a LOT more geometry, materials, and other big-render things…I’m just feeling the crunch, and having to start thinking seriously about steps to prevent crashes. (I did read the manual section on steps to decrease render times and memory use…only slightly useful, since advice such as “change to a 64bit system” is not all that helpful in the short run!) I’ll keep tweaking the settings downward until it starts to look bad, in the meantime.

Strand render is in the particle button, visualization tab. I now know that it uses less memory now that I’ve done some more reading.

That is the new 2.46+ strand rendering I’m talking about.

use shitf-P to open a preview render window
and don’t put to much render leel not veru usefull anyway

and make the size of the preview as snmall as possible to see the results on your hair

may be this will help

instead of using 1000 hair use less and put more children i think this should work better


Strand render did good things, as did decreasing the parent hairs…a lot. Results in my WIP. I still want to experiment with the LAA build vs the standard build, to see if it makes any differenct.

And as for render preview: ya know, I keep trying that, and getting impatient each time while waiting for it to come up. At least if I render (small) I can see it working. But that’s just me…

whith what you got there your big big big

so you can expect some long render time
unless you got a crey computer LOL