trouble combining soft bodies/particles/duplivrts

im doing the tutorial from blendermag2 and having troubles - ive tried it 3 times now and i keep getting trouble in the same spot…so heres the order im doing things now (its for a bunch of feathers falling from the sky onto a landscape of small hills)

  1. make feather object
  2. assign soft body system to feather object so that it falls to earth.
  3. assign soft body deflection to feather and to lanscap3
    4…things are working pleasantly
  4. make a grid the parent of feather (created at the feathers center point) and make grid duplivert the feather
    6…test and things work pleasantly
  5. make grid a particle system with only 3 particles
  6. PROBLEM: the particles wont act as independant soft bodies, they just keep penetrating the landscape whenever they want, some penetrate some dont…if i apply andy “random” at all to the particle system then they penetrate all over the place.

…i would like the feathers to all behave as if they had independant soft bodies, and yet behave like falling particles with some “random” values.

any tips as to what im doing wrong…im about to post the blend

i think i tried what the tutoral said - so that didnt work - i tried a bunch of other stuff too to no avail - the above is what im trying now.

heres the blend (its teensy weensy)

Hi, I wrote that article on the magazine. You are missing the point about making the duplicates “real”.

ahhhhh, ok, i thought that was just to make it render…ok thanks man - i love blender, where else u gonna get the author of a tutorial to write u back directly?!

btw - im an arch grad, 2 years outta the box now-when u gonna put some of ur archiwork up on ur site? im itchin to finish learning blender so i can use its advance modeling features as design tools (theoretical arch of course)

thx man+swweeet tutorial