Trouble Disconnecting Bones

I am attempting to disconnect bones in Blender 2.69 as described in:
under “Editing Bones Relationships”
I am in Pose mode and I have two bones selected. But I do not see the same as shown in that documentation. I am unable to select any named bones in the Parent: field. What I see in that list are objects such as cameras and lights. The check boxes shown in the document under this field are not there.

I am looking for a way to the Blender 2.69 equivalent deselecting the Con button in Blender 2.49 as shown on page:

The blender file I have this trouble with is at:

A screen shot of what I see is at:

You really should keep the editor headers open, so you can keep track of where you are.

You were on the object tab in the Properties Editor, the controls you are looking for are on the bone tab.

While I’m at it, I’d suggest you switch your properties editor to a vertical format, since you can get a lot more information on the screen when the breadcrumbs don’t take up half the screen width.