Trouble doing a fluid sim animation.

I’m working on a scene that requires a fluid sim animation and I’m having trouble with it.

I feel like I have everything set up right but when I bake the sim the fluid flows through the obstacle. :frowning:

Here’s pics of the settings and the .blend to see if anyone can spot what my mistake may be.


Here’s the .blend


Martini2.blend (437 KB)

Some issues are as follows:

You have the fluid partially outside of the obstacle, (select the fluid and the obstacle and switch to side view),

You are using a “non - water tight” object as an obstacle which you have set to a volume instead of ‘shell’,

Your Fluid Domain object has a negative scale - select it and apply scale -> Ctrl + a,

Your Fluid Domain is larger than it needs to be -> switch to edit mode and scale it down (leave some gap, but less than what you have now between the fluid and the domain), - unless you’re planning to have some fluid spill outside of the glass onto the table?,

You’re using a fairly low final resolution of 65, I usually use at least 100 to 150 for starters, and probably 200 + if you have a computer with sufficient ram for the final bake.

I think that’s it.
If there is still ‘leakage’, you may want to consider a temporary stand in obstacle with thicker walls.

Just noticed the fluid being outside too >.<

And yes, the domain is larger for later splashing.

Thanks for your help!:slight_smile: