Trouble Duplicating Actions

Hi, I have duplicated my unicorn, but it affects the old animation, goes completely off the track. it was fine before. How can I fix this, any ideas


I don’t understand the problem, can you explain? One unicorn is at the start of the slide action, the other in the middle, looks the same in NLA as in the 3d viewport. How should it look like?

Or do you mean that they should be higher? Then maybe you somehow changed the pivot while duplicating?

Hi Ania
Thanks for the reply, yeah they have both dropped through the slide, and changed rotation. Not following the path direction.

Attached is a pic before adding the second unicorn, it followed the path fine.

Add more details (what did you do exactly?) otherwise it’s hard to help. Or add a blend file.

Hi Ania
I tried uploading my files but I’m new here and it won’t let me : (

So I’ll try to explain what I did.

I have two actions. the first follows a nurbs path down the slide. the second action, walking up the stairs, I created the keyframes individually. The stairs animation is unaltered. its just the first action going down the slide that has changed. Now when it goes down the slide it has fallen through the slide and is not facing the right direction.

Is there something in the objects constraint that I am missing? can I add a new constraint to raise the unicorn up and correct the direction it is facing?

Hope this is a bit clearer


You constrained the object directly to the slide? I don’t know what you did wrong (I guess something with the pivot position)
Here’s how you could try by animating indirectly, through 2 empties (you could use bones instead):

Animate one empty with a constraint along the path. Put a second empty over it, at the height of the horse pivot, and parent it to the bottom empty. For the horse, add a copy transforms constraint to the top pivot, and animate the influence when it should follow and when not.

Hey Ania

Yeah well, I constraint the unicorn to follow the slide / path.
Thanks so much for this advice. I will check it out. I was trying to keep things simple and not use empties or bones, maybe that’s my down fall lol

I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thanks again