Trouble editing imported 3ds file

Hi, I’m trying to use blender to develop a model created in Chief Architect and exported to blender in 3ds format.

The export/import works fine and the file is ok when used in blender.

The problem is in editing/transforming parts of the model. Blender recognises the individual parts, but when i try to eg rotate a door, it rotates about the origin (x,y,z, = 0). All parts of the model are shown as being at the origin (the transform manipulators etc appear at the origin).

I’m sure the answer to this is really simple and that i’ll feel stupid for asking, but it has baffled me for 2 days now, and i cannot find a similar post on the forum, any help is much appreciated,


I also work with 3ds.models, Mine are exported from Solidworks.

there are several ways to do what you would like to do.

Select object with rt click and then under your buttons window F9 - under the “mesh” menu you can select Center Ne, this will shift the objects origin to the center of the objects data.

For a door which rotates on the edge and not about the center there is another technique.

Select object - go into edit mode with TAB - then tab and CTRL and go to vertice select mode - select a vertice that you would like to be the objects new center point - then shift S and select Cursor > Selection - from there leave edit mode with TAB - you want F9 in buttons window again this time you want to select Center Cursor.

This will allow you to animate the door opening very easily.

Thankyou, thats worked great. Thanks for the quick response, possibly saved the laptop a trip out of the window!