Trouble export from blender to element 3d in AE

Good evening all,
I have ran into a snag with my grave project. I tried to export this model—>

to element 3d in AE but none of the textures are looking correct in AE. I have read the other threads on this site and tried many things but no cigar. My Element 3d object looks like this.
. Its shiny and stretched. The mesh seems like there is no change, its just the textures that are not working. The fresnel is off, and the diffuse, glossy, and reflection maps are all off too.

These are the things that i have tried…
1)Exporting with and without my uvs (meaning that i tried using my uv mapping and element’s uv mapping presets separately and nothing helped. To go with the uvs, I have tried to use both baked textures from my uv and the original texture separately.
2)I have tried triangulating the polygons in the export menu.
3)With and without smooth groups
4) with and without pretty much every setting in the export menu

Please help! My i have spent way too much time in blender on the detail of this model to not use it. If anyone has anything that would be a great help. Thank you!!!