Trouble finding slim products

Anyone know of a website that sells (WHITE) slim internal cd rom “ata” drive ?

Also, I’m wondering if there’s such a thing as a barebone laptop that use mini ITX.

how would you fit a mini itx [or even micro itx] motherboard in a laptop and have room for batteries and a cdrom?

slim cdrom how? half height? laptop drive? … slim how?

As cool as it would be if possible, I doubt it. The first problem I would see is the screen. Laptop LCD’s aren’t as simple as plugging into an available vga port, they require their own controllers.
You can check out computer tech/modding websites (like for more discussions like this.

Well, my sister has a “HP XL” desktop, it’s one of those mtx “I think” and it only has a port for a slim ATA “internal” So it’s not a laptop CD but a slim internal cd rom.

and the imac [all 3 styles, but I was thinking the oldest one] as a slim internal cdrom too

you need to be more specific

hp sells several machines with laptop-style cdroms, but they do not have an XL model of anything not related to netoworking.

oh, and iirc most laptop drives have adapters inside to a relatively standard connnection
[I’m more sure about this in laptop floppies than optical drives]

Well, It’s a HP, one of those slim style ones, can’t remember the model until I go over there, I know it has a L, maybe. I think they call it a multi drive or something.

Found it, It’s a VL model, here’s a picture of it

Oure school has around 1000 of those very small pc’s, all the hardware put closely to each other. They might say at oure school that the pc’s are Pentium 4’s, but damn those things are freaking slow.

First the videocard inside is rubbish, textures in games, 3d applications or whatever are in realtime mode almost like reflection maps, flying over the mesh, causing horrible deformation on the textures.

Then the framerate, aargh, application take minutes to save something, to render something, or whatever. Even starting up the pc takes 5 minutes.

Blender? Gehehe, don’t talk about that, the whole GUI is invisible when you minimise en maximise blender, and yes I have to restart blender before I can model further.

Photoshop? Lol, take a coffee, take a happy meal and wait for saving and rendering your images.

Now the cool part comes, renaming files, takes like 2 minutes, why? no idea?

And why do we have such pc’s on school? Well they where cheap, a free 15 inch flatscreen with it, and holy sh*t, We are supposed to do Graphic, and multimedia design, making flyers, wallpapers and much more, 4 viewport applications to create 3d animations, and they think we can do that on a 15 inch flatscreen? Yes typing, administatration and coding, but graphic design needs a lot bigger screen to get a good overview on your work.
Last time I was working on a wallpaper of A1 size, working at 10% to get a overview on my wallpaper, and hardly see my cursor where to paint.
It was soo anoying, I told the teacher I prefered to do my whole school exame project at home. What I created in 3 days at school, I made that in a few hours at home. :slight_smile:

Then the heatproblems, The place where the pc gets rid of the hot air, well the minitor or flatscreen stands on that place where the fan has to get fresh air and get rid of hot air. Stupid design, cheap crap. We have a few different small pc’s here, it’s fine for secratary work, administration but graphic, multimedia design, no way, I better buy a Mac os then having one of them. :frowning:

Well, the one I’m talking about is a P3, 500 Mhz “I think” But my guess it is slow, probaly because of the speed of the ram and the hard drive is small, don’t think it’s even a DMA.

But I just want to know where to get the damn cd rom for it. ?

Case Features
- One (1) 5.25-inch slimline external drive bay (occupied)

hard to find them though…