Trouble Importing .ai file

hello all

i recently… (just a minute ago) tried importing an illustrator ai file. i have done this before with blender 2.45 and it works fine… however now i’m getting a console error… which to me is fairly greek. i looked over the forum and cant find anyone with the same problem

  1. could anyone tell me what this means?
    and 2. how to fix my issue if possible. :wink:

it must be something ive done to mess it up… however i don’t recall changing anything.

im using blender 2.48a.


Try exporting an SVG file from Illustrator and then import into Blender. The .ai import script is buggy.

the SVG import has a similar console error… actually all the path imports have a similar error.

looks like blender doesn’t want to be bothered with paths today


Check your .blender\scripts\bpymodules folder and make sure the scripts it’s looking for (in your case and are there.

ok… i uninstalled blender and re-downloaded the installer… i noticed a few things

  1. the import works again after the re-install
  2. after install there are no subfolders in the blender directory
    the full regular install just leaves me with this C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender

i manually added a scripts folder last time and added a bunch of script .py files from and to get the geodesic script to work i had to manualy add a bpymodules folder within the scripts folder. which is what i assume may have messed up the import ai script.

so how is it that i can import an .ai file when there is NO scripts folder and no scripts???
but when there IS a folder with a bunch of .py scripts it messes up the import,

yes obviously i messed it up when i added all the scripts… somehow… <shoots self up nostrils>… <both barrels>

now i have to figure a way of putting back all those scripts without messing up the .ai import again.

OMG… lol… i think i figured it out… its 50% me being an idiot and 50% the wording of the installer…

i was using the application data directory for my blender data… meaning users/ app data… etc… but what i want is to use the install directory. c:/program files/blender foundation/blender

i just reinstalled using that option and it wrote a bunch of subfolders where they should be.

LOL… im glad im not 100% an idiot… or i would never have figured that out… maybe someone should write a little more info as to what it means when you choose your blender data location. something like ( “this is the folder that blender will place all of your SCRIPTS etc” and if you manually create these folders elsewhere prepare for grief! )

seeing as a lot of people refer to those folder locations in their replies… might make some sense

<rolls eyes>

but thanks Skwerm. your reply set me on the road to recovery :wink: