Trouble importing Autocad Files

Blender 2.56
Can’t import my DXF file.
Imports it blank.
It’s both 2D and 3D.

I tried searching on how i could import my autocad file to blender.
in google i found absolutely no possible format paths. No programs that can import DWG and export obj/lwo/3ds or any normal 3D format…
Tried a obj and 3ds export plugins for autocad 2010, but they just didn’t even appear in autocad…

Could someone tell me on how to get this working?


I had similar problem to export CorelDraw curves and import it to Blender 2.56 via DXF.
I could make it working if I export the objects from CorelDraw 12 with option DXF R11.
Then I could import this file into Blender without any problem!

Hope that helps!

There is an DXF-importer script bundled with official release of Blender 2.5x since February 2011.
Look at dedicated thread:

I’ve had the same issues. I tried the DXF importer for blender with no results. I’ve had some success with exporting from autocad to fbx, using autocad’s FBX converter here: Using the FBX converter to convert to OBJ and then importing into blender. Also, I’ve had a little success with Mesh Lab : Both programs are free.

I’m not able to import everthing using these converters but I have been able to import a couple of things. I have a large 3d model I would like to import into blender and have yet to have any success. If anyone has any other tips, it would be appreciated.

tbus227 and others,
you can contact me for individual DXF-support.
I am sure a can help you with any DXF issue.
migius at gmx . net