Trouble importing fbx files from CC3 and Daz Studio

I’m pretty new to Blender, and I’m trying to import assets from CC3 and Daz Studio into Blender, for several reasons: A lot of basic character set up is facilitated there with auto fit, and so on, but I like Blender to build assets, scenes, pose, animate and render. It would be great if instead of just importing OBJ files and doing all the rigging in Blender, I could keep these elements, and posing, and animations, from Daz and CC3, to the extend they have them, and it wouldn’t hurt to be able to send figures back and have them behave properly in their program of origin, too.

So far I have had very poor results with the native exporters/importers in CC3, Daz and Blender, and Diffeomorphic will not importan a model at all for me. Does anyone know a reliable method for any format that can get more than just the basic mech into Blender?

I would HIGHLY advise you to go to his web page …make sure to get the current version. Follow his tutorials step by step…one thing that needs to be done is to add the script file in Daz…sometimes this is missed. Another thing is once you install the addon make sure to set up all Daz libraries correctly as well as saving the config file…and make sure to load the script before you do anything in the addon.
If you are exporting the scene file as an FBX one thing that is absolutely needed is to add the morphs to the export…( you HAVE to add a reference to everything you wish to export and their morph data, they will show up in Blender as shape keys. Because of this the file will have a heavy load time !! )

If you need help in anything, PM me, and I will do my best as I have done this and have all the software as well.