Trouble Importing Meshes with UV Texture Information

I have a library of 3D Models in a variety of different formats. .x, .lwo, .3ds, etc. Whenever I try to import any of the formats i seem to loose the texture coordinate info. For example.

  1. I have a lightwave file that contains the uv coordinates on each vertex.
  2. I import it into Blender.
  3. The 3D Model was imported successfully, but When I go to the UV Image Editor or look at the material and texture information for the object I don’t see anything.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a tool that will allow me to import the texture information as well as the model information?

Any help would be appreciated.

By trial and error I found that Blender’s Wavefront *.obj importer can bring in the UV map as well as the mesh. So if you can convert your files into *.obj file you should be all set.

None of the importers seem to be able to import the actual texture files or materials, you have to do that manually.

looks lik it worked. I was able to use polytrans to convert 2 of my models into waveFront .obj files. I imported them into blender and it looks good. The textures imported successfully, even the uv coordinates.

thanx for the help.

Now on to phase ii. I have to export the models into dts format for the Torque 3D engine. Wish me luck.