Trouble in Candyland

Okay, this first started as an attempt to model a mountain, I don’t think I was very successfull with the mountain but oh well.
This is not quite finished IMO, but I couldn’t find anywhere else to go with it, so I decided to put it here. This is an irnonic situation about the global warming(figure it out :P)

(Hm, don’t think it’s empty from one side btw, this bar cuts me off for some reason)

lolz, tht don’t look like a mountain to me. it looks good, but also does need work. (EG. most of the time, half of the earth isn’t black, maybe put some sunlight in the background or something.

I think you’ll find that half of the world is black, ALL of the time. :eyebrowlift:


The colours of the earth are too saturated, and there isn’t any cloud layer or atmosphere. If you spent a few more days on this, it could be a really good image.

0ptikz is right, half of the earth is black, but not that half. The sun shines much more to the side than the top. I know it’s not the sun lighting the top, but that would imply that there’s no sun at all.

Hey guys dont forget about the lights from the earth (electricity)
Nice “Mountain”(did you mean to say nuclear explosion?) but it looks like an explosion from a game or something, not realistic if that is what you where going for.

And yea, you need the atmosphere…