Trouble installing fedora 4--need help!

I downloaded fedora core 4 (I think that is what it is called) and put the iso images on 4 cd’s to install on a computer that is not hooked up to the internet. I have no clue what iso means or is or whatever it does, and I desperately need linux installed (I have 3 windows xp’s and want to change one to linux). I don’t have anything on the computer except the windows xp operating system, and I was wondering how you install this. I was also wondering where the chat section went on this site, as I could get step by step instructions on doing this, but I can’t find where the chat section went. Someone please help!


Iso is an image of the cd - simply burn it with your cdrecord program - for exaple if it is nero use - Disc Image or Saved project.

If you do it - put first cd in your cdrom - reboot computer and do what is written

Yeah, you aren’t copying the .iso onto the disc, you are burning it’s contents using an image burner (virtually any cd writing software will do this).

Look through your cd writing software’s documentation to find out how for your specific program.


Wahoo! I’m up and running, after many hours of trying to get it to work. The first thing I will do is put blender on it! I can’t believe my roxio 5 wouldn’t create the bootable CD’s, but a free one would! Thank you both for helping me out!