Trouble installing on Linux (Ubuntu)

I such a noob on Linux…
I have tried the package manager to install 2.41 (64bit) and it installs the configuration files, but not Blender.:frowning:
I have the Blender.tar.gz on the desktop, is anyone here able to help me with manual install ?


manually install is quite easy
Just uncompress the file, enter the new blender folder and click the blender icon ( in KDE for ex.)
If this don’t work, open a xterm or console in the blender directory and type ./blender -w
Now you should have some messages in the terminal window ( some missing libs maybe)
This is a fast solution
After this you can move the blender folder to other location ( /usr/share/?) and make a synbolic link of the blender executable to /usr/bin/blender ( as root)
This way you can open a console and just type blender ( -w for windowed mode)
Copy the .blend folder to your home directory

Yes , just note that if you have hardware accelerated graphics card
with proper drivers installed ( mostly nVIDIA and ATI) then download
the “Dynamic” version , if you dont have have any accelerated
drivers , download “static” version of Blender.