Trouble making a field of grass

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a field of grass/grain but I can seem to get a lot of grass particles without it eating up a lot of space. Has anyone tried this before?



tried it? maybe…
particle can eat a lot of memery, if that’s what you mean. Ideally reduce the number of particles for a plane like the thumbnail, 2000 should be really enought.

Usually grass particles can be done using strands, if you want a million grass strands without eating a lot of memory, then you really should consider getting a new SVN build, strands have been reworked as a requirement for Project Peach.

EDIT: I see Gabio already posted, for a thicker look you can divide the emitting meshes by distance and have more particles on the front ones and less on the back.

What comes to my mind, also, is … can you “fake it?”

In other words, sure, you could put your computer through a real computational wringer to get hundreds or thousands of individually-computed “blades of grass,” but is there not a just-as-good way to get a realistic effect that might be less-expensive? For example, the essential nature of “blowing grass” might be very well approximated by some kind of animated texture.