Trouble making particles emit from specific faces

Hi there, I am a long time Blender user (or have been since 2007), however there seem to have been some changes to the interface since the versions I started out with.

I remember being able to do this quite easily in the past, I would select the faces I wanted to emit particles from, assign them to a group, and then set particles to emit from that group.

Searching tutorials seem to indicate that my memory has not failed me, yet I cannot get this to work ever, I either always have particles across the whole mesh ignoring groups, or have no particles at all.

Obviously I am missing something, but I have no idea what, can anyone give me a literal step by step on how to do this?

Probably the most difference would be that you have to operate with vertex groups, not face groups or with vertex weight paint to later influence particles. After you define (select vertices and in Object Data [triangle icon] panel create and Assign vertices to group) you can use that group to influence particle density down below in Particles tab. You can use slider in Object Data panel to set influence amount for certain group or use Weight Paint mode to adjust or paint that.

With all default settings and newly created vertex group, if you put that in Particles Vertex Groups Density, it should work.

Hope helps.