Trouble manipulating the view

I’m beginning my second foray into 3d modeling after about 10 or 15 years of being out of practice. Basically starting from scratch. Anyhow, the project I’ve undertaken for myself is to design a helm for SOE’s player studio. One of the things they supply is a .obj of a head to work from. When the file is opened, the head is far, far above the starting grid. So far above that at first, I thought the import wasn’t working.

I figured out that hitting ‘Home’ sets the view so everything is visible, but what I need is to reset the views position so that it is centered in the middle of the head model. Right now, it rotates around the central point of the grid, which makes maneuvering around the model impossible.

Any tips?

Numpad. key zooms to the selected object.

I’d recommend actually moving the object to the origin, it’ll be easy to work with