Trouble Modeling a wagon wheel shape

First I made this shape in photoshop and then put it to AI then to DXF then imported it in. But I found it was impossible to put faces on it. So then I attempted to model it all in blender and this has turned out to be a pain. I guess when I made the curved parts the verticies did not stay on the same plain. When I Extrude vertices sometimes they stay on the same plane and other times they change about on the z axis. I do not get how to do this in a way that I can put faces on it. piece I made in Photoshop … you export to ai or you go to the path and you tell it paths to illustartor. or save it as eps and then convert to dxf This came into blender but I am not sure how to make faces on it and its all wavy. will post that file this eve.
wagonwheel.blend (832.0 KB)
the other idea I had was to make pie shapes and use the boolean to extract the pie shapes form .125 inch high cylinder.

There are numerous ways to tackle this, depends what you want your final object to look like. Theoretically, if it is a wagon wheel, it is not one peice, so you would make the spokes, rim and hub as separate bits. Or you could make it like a car wheel rim and just extrude the spokes from the hub/rim. Also, you can just model one section then use mirror/array to create the whole thing.

This should give you plenty of ideas…