trouble opening .obj or max file - help, please?

I just exported a max file (yes, I use 3DS Max also) as .obj, but when I try to open/import that file in Blender 2.65a (yes, I d/l and installed it), Blender doesn’t open it, says its not a valid win32…, also when I clicked on it that file disappeared from Blender’s UI view screen - how do I make Blender see it again and import it? Blender still does not see it (after it disappeared) even if I click “show hidden” at the top bar of the UI.

How do I get Blender to see the file and import it?

Thanks in advance.

Post a link to an example obj file that gives you the problem.

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this is the file i’m trying to import into poser, having previously exported from max as an.obj file,

trying to import as .obj file, the dialogue shows a subheading, but when i try to move my mouse pointed down to select it, this indicated subheading selection disappears back to the main dialogue box (dialogue immediately above it). Same happens with import .max file also, when I try to import .max file.

ii’ve opened the desktop folder where the file was saved from max, but blender does not see it (as if it were never saved in the first place).

Help, please?

For the first part, that’s not a subheading. That’s a tooltip.

For the second, did you name your file with .obj as its extension? I believe that the File Browser is filtering for that extension. You can disable filtering by clicking the funnel icon in the File Browser’s header.

Same happens with import .max file also, when I try to import .max file.
Blender cannot import .max files. What addon are you using to try and import them ?