trouble playing anim

when after saving my anim i open my microsoft media player 2 play it then a error message pops up and tells me something about a codec.

i dont know if its the way im saving it or what. can anyone help me

if you have exported the video as a avi and you have windows media player 2 the codec is the thing that needs to be installed so your media player can view this type of file for instace if you have made an avi your windows media player will need the avi codec to play it. i recommend updating your media player or downloading and installing the codec if you are running windows media player 9 on your current system them you can download packs from places such as or the microsoft website will probably have support on the matter. Also if it is the way it has been saved if you press f10 and on the right it will have a file type drag down window i usually set this to avi raw although these file become quite large you can download stoiks video converter to shrink the file size to a suitable size.

hope this helps


Well did you save it as an AVI JPEG ? if this is the case then change the codec (by pressing the set codec button) .Hope this will help ! :wink:

everything works untill i press play now it just stop with out showing anthing

I think it’ll be better if you post a capture of the render panel so we can see where the problem is .