Trouble posting bugs

I’ve tried for two days to submit a bug. Yes I am logged in. Could someone notify sysadmin that new posts are not like happening? thx. After I click submit it just sits on the Loading page…fyi for the rest of you, the bug is:

NLA not honoring Action properties and Distorting armature.

Two problems: NLA strip properties not honored, and switching to NLA mode horribly distorts all keyed bones to non-keyed positions. Windoze 2.45.

Load .blend file. Note that NLA is in Action mode and Jig.Hand.L is selected. the full Action puts the foot down (frames 1-21) and then 21-41 put it back up again. The properties say Action Start-End 1-21, but moving past the action continues.

Then click the Drowning Man to go to NLA mode. Armature distorts as bones go all over to non-keyed positions. Help! Right now, I cannot do character animation. The only work around I can think of is to not use the NLA and key it all manually. thx

Could you post a link to the file. I’ll try to investigate whether there’s some evil bug hidden away somewhere… :slight_smile: