Trouble publishing my game...

I’ve been so excited that I am finally at the stage where I feel comfortable to release the “beta,” but I’ve ran into some issues. =(

Going through the “Save Game as Runtime” procedure, works on linux. It’s just that I don’t have access right now to a windows box. So in turn, I can’t create a Wind0ws runtime…

So I have been trying BPPlayer. I can’t get this to work on Linux. I tried it on my laptop and my desktop (both archlinux), and I get similar errors. They say like:
“Cannot load module:”

I fixed all of them by installing the correct dependencies on my laptop. All except “” And all of the dependencies that say that they have that module, are installed.

Really tedious and exhausting =( I’m stumped on what to do… If I’m having trouble trying to run it, then the players aren’t even going to try =(

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

if you are on Linux then just export the game as it is if yo u want to make it for windows to then just make it .exe file

You can run a .batch in windows or .sh in linux that execute blenderplayer an the blend file.


blenderplayer game.blend

You can do the same in windows.

Just renaming a file does not change what type of file it is, and Windows is significantly different to Linux, that one will not run on the other.

When you export a game, there is an option ‘path to blendplayer.’ If you change that to, say, the windows blendplayer (by having downloaded the windows version of blender), then it will package those two together. Just remember to copy the.dll’s.

There is a plugin in teh resources section to do this for you as well.

Or, the way I do it is to have Windows 7 running inside a virtual machine, so I can just run the windows version of Blender. I got Windows 7 through my University, and their access to Microsoft Dreamspark. SO you may be able to find something similar through your school, uni, or work.

Lol funny :slight_smile: We only wish it was that easy =P

This is one of the ways I was trying it. Thanks though!

I don’t know where that option is =/ I’ll deff try that out with VM though!

I was able to install blender on my brother’s win7 laptop, and it throws the error even when I try playing it in the embedded player, in blender. So I’m thinking it could be a python version error, which would be the easiest to fix. But also I could just distribute two versions of the game and fix my python IRC script for windows. That is though if the error still persists when using python 3.3 and not 2.7 which I think was running on the win7 laptop.

This is the error I get:

And this is the 64 and 73 lines in my IRC script:

60:def login():
61: #print(‘login’)
62: # Bind the socket
63: try:
64: s.connect((HOST, PORT))
65: # Send login info
66: s.send(bytes('NICK %s
’ % NICK, ‘UTF-8’))
67: s.send(bytes('USER %s %s bla :%s
68: s.send(bytes('JOIN %s
’ % CHAN, ‘UTF-8’));
69: print(‘Logging in…’)
70: chatlog(‘Logging in…’)
71: except:
72: #print(‘LOGIN_ERROR’)
73: login()

Idk if there are any obvious errors, but it works well on linux and mac. I’ll post more code and elaborate more later. I have to class =P

Any help is greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

The error is not visible. Can you attach it again?

Sorry for the late reply!! =(

I got it working on windows using BPPlayer, and the default export as runtime script.