Trouble removing noise in Cycles

Hi Blender community!
I’ve been working on a minecraft animation in cycles and I’ve been having troubles removing the last bits of noise from my scene. I’ve linked an image of what the scene looks like right now, at 1280x720 resolution with 200 samples. I’ve set up depth-of-field at .2 in the camera settings. My problem is no matter how hard I try and what I try I can’t get rid of the noise in the shadows. Any suggestions?

Current Scene:

The noise isn’t as visible on imgur but you can kind of see it on the left and in the shadow of the wood behind the torch.

I’m wondering if it’s just something with blender and there’s no problem when finally rendered but I want to be sure that there’s no way for me to fix it.

By the looks of things they’re just small clusters of fireflies, these can be dealt with through the use of the despeckle node in the compositor.

Have you looked at how many bounces there are? You should try reduce the number of bounces (as low as possible while looking acceptable) and see if that helps

Also try increasing Clamp Indirect from 0.0 to 3.0.