Trouble Rendering letter T in font

I am new to blender and downloaded a 20th century fox blender file and changed it. Used the tutorial to write out individual files and then combine them. My problem is every few frames the letter “T” does not properly render. I get black triangles on its face. Sometimes a few, sometimes a lot. Then I will get a few frames that are great, and then the problem re-appears. It is both the upper and lower case T. Any suggestions short of don’t use the letter “T”

Hi Modawell!
As one newbie to another, this may be a blind leading the blind sort of reply.
Your problems sounds like a ‘normal’ problem. Have you tried to reorient your normals? a ctrl-n with the object selected will flip the normals to the outside.
For problems you hit where you think instant feedback may help, there is a online (live) blender group on irc freenode servers. They can sometimes help if they understand your problem. A web client to get on irc freenode is at . good luck!

Bill White

To me it sounds like you have two copies of the letter T exactly on top of one another. That is what causes those black face render anomalies. Two objects in the same exact space.

Thanks for the replies. Working with CAD 3D models a lot this does seem like two models are on top of each other. Not my problem though. Also I do not think normals are the problem because the rest of the letters in the text do not have problem. No matter what I write, only the letter T. Must be something in the font definition.

Did find work around. Converted text to poly and then mesh and it is rendering just fine. Did not make any adjustments. Dug around help and found this suggestion for something else and it worked. Thanks everyone.

Hi Modawell,
Can you give a step by step how you got around this problem as I have encountered the same problem.


Hi Guys,
I’m a newbie to this too and I installed the latest version, I tried the same Fox logo thing and the T’s capital or lower are flickering.

Is there a fix for this one? Can you sort of do a step by step.

Thanks for your time…

There is a solution for “T” flickering
Please see