trouble riggin hydrualics

can anyone help? tryin to practice on simple model following ,which is the same tut as the one in blender 2.3x guide (p. 278)
using 2.34, when i set the constraints, the two hydraulics tubes track properly, but get rotated in strange directions and wont let me rotate them back to their original positions.
later, i will use this on a complex robot with IKAs, hydraulics, and particles systems (fyi)

I recently worked on something similar. I don’t know how to get it to work using the tracking constraint but the old style tracking has an option called “Power Track” which should keep the two tubes inline with each other.

Tracking Constraint do not suffer from the same rotation inheritance problem as the old track system and therefore do not need a Power Track option (in effect, it’s as if they always have it).


wat do you mean by ‘the old style tracking’?

this image mite make this clearer. this is a previs for robot i wanna make…
using ik chain, i want to move the curved part of the leg…the whole leg will rotate at hip, and the hydraulics will compress or expand depending on the curved part’s position…
i got the ik chain but need help with the hydraulics
using blender 2.34 btw

forgot image…sry