Trouble rigging four legged character.

I created a simple unicorn and rigged it, but when i try posing it, wierd deformities happen. I’ll move a leg and the bone will pop out and other legs will be influenced by it. Basically nothing moves how i want it to. I have no idea what i have done wrong. I’m working in 2.46 and i parented the unicorn to the armature with bone heat. My files are on another computer and i have no way to transfer any screenshots to the web right now, but i’ll try to describe the basic setup. I put the first joint in the center of the body and continued the bones down into the legs with a joint at the upper thigh or pelvis, the knee and the hoof. The neck is attached to the central bone and has two joints, there is another joint to pivot the head.
thanks for any help.

create your bone groups your own, don’t use Bone Heat. When you parent to Armature, opt for Don’t create Groups.

thanks. How do i assign certain vertexes to the different bones?

create the group name same as bone name.