Trouble rigging my model

First post, hello!

I’m very new to Blender or 3D modeling in general, and right now I’m trying to rig a model I made (can you guess who it is? :D)

I’ve tried automatic weighting, manual weighting, etc. I keep running into the same problems, which are the following:

  1. Her sleeves keep separating from her suit when I move her arms.

  2. When I set the shin bone settings to deform, her legs stick out of her boots… and when I unclick deform, it fixes the appearance but the bones are no longer attached to the mesh.

  3. … and loads of other problems :frowning:

(BA won’t let me post pics for some reasons…)

I’m pretty sure it’s because I made those parts out of separate meshes… I’m assuming that just simply merging them didn’t fix it. I’m really hoping that I can get around this without having to make everything from scratch again.

I’d appreciate it if someone can tell me what I can do to fix this.
Thanks in advance!


help.blend (1.96 MB)

hi there. it wouldn’t hurt to connect the legs and arms to the torso (use the vertex snapping tool in the header bar and automerge editing in the “Mesh” menu in edit mode), for cleaner deformations. the shin, thigh and foot bones all need to be set to “deform”. the toetarget and legtarget bones need to not be deformers. remove all vertex assignments from toetarget and legtarget (easiest in edit mode, select the verts and “Remove” them from the vertex groups named after those bones).

go into weight paint mode, select a bone, and hit W, then automatic weights. do this one bone at a time, this’ll give you a starting point for weight painting. you’ll probably have to go into edit mode and manually assign some verts again, like with the heels of the shoes.

also, while in edit mode, go to the “Select” menu and then “Loose Verts/Edges”. i noticed there are two loose vertices in the little ornament things on the front of her boots. loose verts can be the cause of headaches later on.

i hope this helps. :slight_smile: