Trouble Rigging simple character

Hello, I am pretty new to Blender. I have been watching every tutorial I can find on rigging. I am trying to rig two arms for a first person game. They are not human toes so this is different, but not the problem.
I am able to bring in the simple mesh, add bones, extrude more bones, make toes, parent things according to the videos, but when I attempt to IK, I seem to wander off into stupid. When I get here, things seem to go all wrong.

Is there a tutorial or some method to instruct me as to how to do this without losing my way? I am obviously missing some vital piece of information or instruction.

Study Nathan Vegdahls ‘Humane Rigging’ course, which covers rigging from a simple bouncing ball to complex characters.

+1 for Humane Rigging. It’s technically a course and not a tut but it covers the basics of rigging wonderfully - not only IK setups but IK/FK switching, when to use quaternions and when to use Euler, etc. Also, pleasant guitar music interludes.

IK is not super-difficult to set up though.

  • The big one: make sure your IK target bone is not parented to the bones in your intended IK chain.
  • Make sure your IK chain length is only as long as it has to be.
  • Make sure your rig’s rest pose bends the joints at least slightly in the direction they’re meant to bend.
  • Make sure you have a Pole Target as well as an IK target so that the IK solver knows what direction to bend in.

Here’s the link, Charliewhiskey :wink:

31 videos… Seems like a lot, and it is. But Nathan is a good instructor, and even though it’s a long series, it’s interesting and goes by pretty quickly if you get into it.

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