trouble rigging

hi i started blender a few days ago, made a simple model of a person and now wanna be able to animate him. i did the armature tutorial and for some reason when i extrude from the spine for the hip bones, they dont stay connected. also when i finish placing all the bones and parent them, and finally go into pose mode. the bone in the head doesnt move the mesh around it, and neither do the bones in the feet. also i can only move the arm bones up and down.
any suggestions are greatly appreciated,


if any1 knows what i might be doing wrong, tips or anything would be greatly appreciated. wanna try to get animating as soon as i can.

Have you used weight paint mode to tell the head bone which vertices to move?

ohh, no should do that tyvm

Bones only stay connected and become the child of the bone they are extruded from if you extrude from the tip end not the head end of the bone . You just need to parent those bone by either using the Armature Bones panel in (F9) the editing context of the Buttons window and using the dropdown field next to “child of” (all the bones that are not the children of the selected bone will show up here) or by selecting the loose bone and then shift-selecting the bone you extruded from then Ctrl-P ->Make Parent->Keep Offset . This will make your legs move with the spine .

And when you weight paint your mesh make the “virtual” armature modifier “real” in the mesh modifier stack . There you will have the option to use either vertex groups or envelopes or both (both are on by default) . You can also set these in the Armature panel in F9 . Make sure they are set to the same in both modifier and panel .