Trouble running POVAnim under Mandrake Linux 9.0.

(JanneVee) #1

I tried running POVAnimA_14j under my blender 2.25 and it complains about that it can not find a module. But I copied the module to the library that carries all other python modules on my system /usr/lib/python2.2/ it still can not find it. I also tried to copy it to the location where the blender executable is. I also messed around with the python button in the settings.

None of this worked… Is there any other location where I should try? What is the purpose of the python button?

One experiment was trying to import from a python script that I ran externally from blender. The script complained about a “Bad Magic Number”…

(jms) #2

thanks to use povanim but this version doesn’t work with blender
2.25. try with Blender2.23 or use this file:

(JanneVee) #3

:-? thanks…