Trouble saving textured objects

I’m new to modelling and have been experimenting with Blender. I created several objects in Sculptris and imported the OBJ and texture files into Blender. I figured out how to map the texture and can view a rendered object, but now I want to save each completed object separately. When I reload my blender project file, the object has no texture. How do I save or export each textured object, so I can load/import each into a combined scene? I want to load the individual textured objects into a new blender project so I can animate them.

Ok. I’m using Blender 2.74. I figured out how to export a Blender OBJ file and import it with textures. Now I want to animate the objects. I have gone into animation mode, created key frames and moved my objects. But, when I do a playback or rendered file, the objects don’t move. What do I need to do to make sure the movements are recorded at each key frame?